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Empathetic Diabetic Footcare Services

Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ailments

Diabetes is a disease that can cause health problems in different parts of your body. Your feet are one of the most common locations for problems to arise. If you notice any signs of diabetic foot ailments developing, you should contact our office immediately.

Diabetic Footcare Services We Provide

  • Fungus nails
  • Corns, calluses, and ulcers
  • Diabetic wounds and rashes
  • Infections and sores
  • Burning and pricking sensations
  • Numbness

Foot Condition Test and Treatment

Knowing the signs of trouble and acting quickly are imperative. Working together, we can help keep your feet healthy. If you are currently dealing with a foot condition, our doctor will access the problem and then prescribe a treatment to help you mend.
  • Routine foot evaluation
  • Fungus nail care and ingrown nail care
  • Oral supplements and injections for neuropathy
  • Ulcer care
  • Circulation evaluation
  • Nerve evaluation
  • Neuropathy evaluation and testing
  • Diabetic shoes
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