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Dr. Kris A. Haase

Dr. Kris A. Haase has been a podiatrist in Waterford for over twenty years. He is a native of Michigan, having grown up in West Bloomfield. After obtaining an undergraduate degree from Michigan State, he attended Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine in Chicago. He completed his residency at Lakeview Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Dr. Haase is a board-certified surgeon with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, a wound care specialist, and is an associate with American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine. He is a surgical instructor and resident trainer through McLaren Oakland Hospital. Dr. Haase lives in Waterford with his wife and two daughters.
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Dr. Kris A. Haase

Daniel C. Aronovitz, DPM

Dr. Aronovitz grew up in Bloomfield Township and spent his undergraduate education years between the University of Arizona and Michigan State University. He went on to Podiatry school in Cleveland and completed his formal residency training in the St. John Health System, in 1988.

Dr. Aronovitz is a second-generation foot and ankle specialist. He worked with his father in Warren, MI where he still maintains an office. He has served on residency training committees, national drug advisory panels and has been a director of the residency-training program in the St. John Health System. Dr. Aronovitz is board-certified with the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. He enjoys being able to help people to better foot and ankle health through a wide variety of treatments. He lives in Huntington Woods with his wife Joanne. Together they are proud parents of Sara (26), Ben (24) and Anna (22).
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Daniel C Aronovitz, DPM

Over 25 Years of Experience in Podiatry Care

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Mary Beth Rodriguez
Mary Beth is Waterford's office manager, she brings 25 years of experience to the practice. She is the liaison between the doctors, patients, and the staff. She strives to make your contact with our office easy and stress-free.
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Carol Smith
Carol is our "director of first impressions." She readies our patients for their check in process at the office. She is thorough, patient, and makes your registration easy, as you become a patient of the practice.
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Cheri McFarland
Cheri provides direct patient care with compassion, empathy, and accuracy. The doctors rely on her to keep the daily schedule moving forward with respect to each patient's time and presenting problem.
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Julie Blackburn
Julie has 39 years of experience as a medical assistant. She is well versed in patient care and front office service. She has a background in dermatology and offers facial peels and skin care products to our patients.
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